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An Echo of Things to Come: Book Two of the Licanius trilogy

An Echo of Things to Come continues the epic story that began in The Shadow of What Was Lost, the acclaimed fantasy blockbuster from James Islington.


An amnesty has been declared for all Augurs – finally allowing them to emerge from hiding and openly oppose the dark forces massing against Andarra. However, as Davian and his new allies hurry north towards the ever-weakening Boundary, fresh horrors along their path suggest that their reprieve may have…

An Echo Of Things To Come

ISBN 10 : 9780316274128
ISBN 13 : 0316274127

The second book in the acclaimed Licanius Trilogy by James Islington. "Love The Wheel of Time? This is about to become your new favorite series." - B&N SF & Fantasy Blog "Fans of R..

The Shadow Of What Was Lost

ISBN 10 : 9780992580223
ISBN 13 : 0992580226

*** Promotion - returns to $4.99 on 7/28 *** "...will appeal not only to The Wheel of Time readers, but to anybody looking for a coming-of-age fantasy tale with likeable characters..

Age Of Swords

ISBN 10 : 9781101965375
ISBN 13 : 1101965371

The gods have been proven mortal and new heroes will arise as the battle continues in the sequel to Age of Myth—from the author of the Riyria Revelations and Riyria Chronicles se..

The Dragon Lords False Idols

ISBN 10 : 9780316308274
ISBN 13 : 0316308277

Guardians of the Galaxy meets The Hobbit in this rollicking fantasy adventure series. The Dragons who once ruled over the land are dead. The motley crew that stumbled through that ..

Soul S Reckoning

ISBN 10 : 9781459616370
ISBN 13 : 1459616375

The third book in The Broken Wells Trilogy. An army of darkness marches on Kainordas, headed by the shadowmander, an unstoppable creature built from the souls of the dead. In Whisp..

Leviathan S Blood

ISBN 10 : 9781466851238
ISBN 13 : 1466851236

At the end of The Godless, Mireea lay in ruins, the dead of the city had risen as ghosts, and the keepers Fo and Bau had been slain by Zaifyr. The Mireeans have now fled to the cit..

The Light Of All That Falls

ISBN 10 : 9780356507835
ISBN 13 : 0356507831


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