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Scorched Shadows (The Hellequin Chronicles Book 7)

In the final chapter of the Hellequin Chronicles, secrets will be revealed, friendships will be tested, and destinies will be fulfilled.

Avalon is under siege. A shadowy cabal, headed by a mysterious figure known only as “My Liege”, has launched a series of deadly attacks across the globe, catching innocent human bystanders in the crossfire.

Emerging from the debris of battle, Nate Garrett, the sixteen-hundred-year-old sorcerer also called Hellequin, and his friends must stop My Liege once…

Crimes Against Magic

ISBN 10 : 9781105714214
ISBN 13 : 1105714217


Promise Of Wrath

ISBN 10 : 1503940063
ISBN 13 : 9781503940062

A powerful sorcerer. A forgotten past. Hellequin is back, and the end is near. A terrible storm is brewing in London, and Nathan Garrett, the sorcerer known as Hellequin, is the on..

Born Of Hatred

ISBN 10 : 1477848096
ISBN 13 : 9781477848098

Nathan Garrett is asked to help a friend find a serial killer whose gruesome patterns reveal pure evil. Though Nate is powerful, he fears he may be defeated until he remembers why ..

Prison Of Hope

ISBN 10 : 1477828591
ISBN 13 : 9781477828595

Long ago, Olympian gods imprisoned the demon Pandora in a human—Hope—creating a creature whose only purpose was chaos and death. Remorseful, the gods locked Pandora away in Tar..

Lies Ripped Open

ISBN 10 : 1503946401
ISBN 13 : 9781503946408

Over a hundred years have passed since a group of violent killers went on the rampage, murdering innocent victims for fun. But even back then, sorcerer Nate Garrett, aka Hellequin,..

Monster Hunter Siege

ISBN 10 : 1481482556
ISBN 13 : 9781481482554

#6 in multiple New York Times bestseller Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter series. GO BIG OR GO HOME When Monster Hunter International's top hunter, Owen Zastava Pitt, was given a t..

Ancient Magic

ISBN 10 : 1942085060
ISBN 13 : 9781942085065

I'm good at two things: finding treasure and killing demons. Lying low is a close third-but not because I want to be good at hiding. I have to be. I'm a FireSoul, one of the unluck..

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